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Noah Rothman

Mediate‘s (soon to be Hot Air‘s) Noah Rothman joins Ace, Gabe, Drew and John on the one-year anniversary podcast.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Andrew Stiles also drops by with an update on the walker controversy that’s casting a shadow over Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

Intro/Outro: Van Halen-Running With The Devil/Lynyrd Skynyrd-Gimme Three Steps

@McCormackJohn / Shutdown / Tom Clancy / #404care Obamacare Rollout

This week Gabe, Drew, John E., Andy and Rick Tempest are joined by John McCormack of The Weekly Standard to discuss the government shutdown, the death of author Tom Clancy and the laughably bad rollout of the Obamacare enrollment system, or, as it’s called on the blog, 404care.

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@NoahCRothman / Syria / NBC’s Obamalove / Ron Paul / The Democrats’ Creeping Socialism / Football / Petty Hysteria On Display

On today’s episode, Andy, Drew M., John E. and Rick Tempest are joined by Noah Rothman, Editor at Mediaite. We discuss the latest on Syria, NBC’s Harlequin romance novel-worthy analysis of Obama’s body language, Crazy Uncle Ron Paul, the Democrats’ core philosophy of Don’t-you-dare-call-it-socialism! (but, yeah, it is) … and how people are becoming conditioned to it, the kickoff of the 2013 football season, and Noah’s piece on Maria Rodale’s ridiculous open letter to Obama comparing chemical weapons to pesticides, which prompted an hilarious dramatic reading of this Salon piece – No, thanks: Stop saying “support the troops”.