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Charles C. W. Cooke

National Review‘s Charles C. W. Cooke joins Ace, Gabe, Drew, John and Andy for the first podcast of 2015. Stick around for an exclusive preview of MSNBC’s Fall 2015 programming.

Intro: Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell
Outro: Ace’s Weather Corner – Coming Soon To MSNBC

@lachlan / @BenK84 / BridgeGate / Ecuador / Pot Legalization / Obamacare / Dumb Pieces By Dumb People / Quick Hits / Moron Mailbag

The Washington Free Beacon’s Lachlan Markay and AoSHQ coblogger Ben K. join Ace, Drew, Gabe, John and Andy to talk pot legalization and other hot topics.

Ringing in the New Year / Shock: Something Dumb Happened at MSNBC / Obamacare / Magpul Leaves Colorado / NSA / Without A Kluwe / Quick Hits / Moron Mailbag

Ace, Gabe, John & Andy ring in 2014 with a roundup of the slow news week (kudos to Gabe for the painstaking research) and offer some predictions for the coming year.

@ExJon / Duck Dynasty / Juiceboxin’ the Amazon / NSA Rulings / #GetTalking About the Obamacare Clusterf*** With Footie Pajama Guy / Quick Hits / Moron Mailbag

Ricochet.com‘s Jon Gabriel swings by the ol’ podcast factory to crack wise with Ace, Gabe, Drew, John and Andy.

@seanmdav / Obamacare / Juicebox Heroes / Martin Bashir / Amok Immigration Time / Quick Hits / Moron Mailbag

Sean Davis of Media Trackers joins Ace, Gabe, Drew and John to discuss a variety of topics. The gang added a couple of fun new features to the podcast towards the end.