@CharlesCWCooke / Obamacare Cases / Shock! Another Obamacare Delay / Harry Reid / Powerline’s Devastation Of WaPo’s Koch Brothers Fantasy / Quick Hits / Moron Mailbag

National Review columnist Charles C. W. Cooke joins Ace, Gabe, Drew and John to discuss the Obamacare contraception mandate and subsidy cases, the latest delay in the President’s signature achievement, Harry Reid’s nuttiness, and Powerline’s takedown of the WaPo’s Koch brothers story.

@davidharsanyi / Pure AoSHQ Brand DOOM! / Dems Peeling Away From Obama? / Quick Hits / Moron Mailbag

David Harsanyi, Senior Editor at The Federalist and author of The People Have Spoken (and They Are Wrong): The Case Against Democracy joins Ace, Gabe and John to thoroughly depress you about the future of the country, but in a fun way.

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Special Edition: Marc Morano

The battle over climate change is a David vs. Goliath fight according to Marc Morano, Director of Communications at CFACT, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow and editor of their website Climate Depot.

But who is who in this pitched battle? It’s not who you think if you just listened to the media.

“One fossil fuel donation [by a natural gas company] to the major environmental group, the Sierra Club, exceeded all the donations to probably of all the top global warming skeptic organizations you can ever name, in one donation. That’s how well funded the environmental left is.”

In addition to that we talk about what it’s like to do battle with people who continually move the goal posts while insisting that the “science is settled”, how “climate change” became the explanation to everything and the ways some Republicans have helped advance Al Gore’s pet cause.

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@conartcritic & @benk84 / FL13, Texas, Foreign Policy, Hillary! and Other Election Stuff / Obamacare Delay / Quick Hits / Moron Mailbag

Cobloggers CAC and Ben K. join Ace and Drew to discuss various election-related topics and the perennial fan favorite Obamacare.

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