@bdomenech on the Obamacare exchange disaster and what comes next

On today’s episode, Ben Domenech joins Gabe, Drew, John and Rick Tempest to discuss the ongoing disaster with the Obamacare exchanges and where we go from here.

Ben is publisher of The Federalist, editor of The Transom (an indispensable daily newsletter that’s well worth the $2.99/mo subscription price) and a senior fellow at the Heartland Institute. Ben also discussed the exchanges, Obamacare and future health policy at length in yesterday’s Transom.

@DanFosterType / Shutdown Deal / Ongoing Obamacare Disaster / GOP Leadership / Filner Plea / XX Factor

On this week’s episode, political consultant and former NRO news editor Dan Foster (a Dan Foster-type conservative) joins Gabe, Drew, John E. and Rick Tempest to discuss the shutdown deal, the state of the GOP post-deal, the ongoing Obamacare disaster, the GOP leadership, Bob Filner’s plea deal and Slate‘s XX Factor blog.

@GPollowitz / Shutdown / Obamacare Exchanges / Shirts & Skins / Special Snowflake Stamps

NRO’s Planet Gore blogger Greg Pollowitz joins Gabe, Drew, John E., Andy and Rick Tempest to discuss the government shutdown, the CR/debt ceiling fight and the disastrous Obamcare exchange rollout.

From there we moved on to lighter topics like Womyn’s Empowerment! through t-shirts, the Washington Redskins team name and the ridiculous overreaction to the “Let’s Move” stamps showing kids engaged in dangerous activities like the cannonball dive. The US Postal Service gets a lot of love at the end.

@McCormackJohn / Shutdown / Tom Clancy / #404care Obamacare Rollout

This week Gabe, Drew, John E., Andy and Rick Tempest are joined by John McCormack of The Weekly Standard to discuss the government shutdown, the death of author Tom Clancy and the laughably bad rollout of the Obamacare enrollment system, or, as it’s called on the blog, 404care.

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