@iowahawkblog / Ted Cruz / Obamacare / DC WTF? / Cars / … And Then It Got Dark

On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Iowahawk to discuss Ted Cruz, Obamacare, the clusterf*** known as Washington DC, and then we discuss cars of the world’s most infamous dictators. Or something.

There’s about a whole ‘nother podcast’s worth of material that’s tucked safely in the vault for use in a remix and/or as blackmail material.

@sonnybunch / AR-15 / Starbucks / Washington Redskins / ObamaCare Defund or Delay / Free Bacon

On today’s episode, PhD’s Andy, Drew M., John E. and Rick Tempest are joined by Sonny Bunch, PhD, Editor of The Washington Free Beacon.

We discuss the media’s rush to blame the AR-15 for the Navy Yard shooting, Starbucks’ announcement on open carry, the Washington Redskins and the media’s selectivity with regard to calling things by their rightful names and, last but not least, the Doctors reluctantly wade into a discussion of the GOP’s internecine warfare over ObamaCare.

Pay close attention around the hour and ten minute mark to hear Dr. Tempest unveil his Barack Obama and Jay Carney impersonations.

Note: We are shamelessly employing the Free Beacon’s subliminal advertising strategy in the episode title.

@verumserum / Россия / Benghazi / Syria / Obama’s Speechifying / Nation Building / The Middle East

On today’s episode, Andy, Drew M., John E. and Rick Tempest are joined by John Sexton of Breitbart.com. We discuss Comrade Sexton’s post on the probable arms trafficking through Benghazi, the Obama administration’s even more disastrous week than last on Syria, including his ridiculous speech to the nation and the GOP leadership’s disconnect with the rank-and-file on nation building.

There’s more coherent thought on foreign policy in this one podcast than the Obama administration has put forth in ~5 years.

@NoahCRothman / Syria / NBC’s Obamalove / Ron Paul / The Democrats’ Creeping Socialism / Football / Petty Hysteria On Display

On today’s episode, Andy, Drew M., John E. and Rick Tempest are joined by Noah Rothman, Editor at Mediaite. We discuss the latest on Syria, NBC’s Harlequin romance novel-worthy analysis of Obama’s body language, Crazy Uncle Ron Paul, the Democrats’ core philosophy of Don’t-you-dare-call-it-socialism! (but, yeah, it is) … and how people are becoming conditioned to it, the kickoff of the 2013 football season, and Noah’s piece on Maria Rodale’s ridiculous open letter to Obama comparing chemical weapons to pesticides, which prompted an hilarious dramatic reading of this Salon piece – No, thanks: Stop saying “support the troops”.