@Freddoso / Syria / Slate / T-Bone Booker’s Winner’s Edit / Emptying MSNBC’s Clown Car

On today’s episode, Andy, Drew M., John E. and Rick “T-Bone” Tempest are joined by David Freddoso, Editor of the Conservative Intelligence Briefing. We discuss Syria, Amateur Webzine Slate‘s rapid descent into shameless clickwhoring,  Cory Booker’s imaginary friend “T-Bone“, and the Prius full of sad clowns that is MSNBC.

David is the author of three books that might be of interest to you: Spin Masters: How the Media Ignored the Real News and Helped Reelect Barack Obama (2013),  Gangster Government: Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy (2011),  and the New York Times bestseller The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate (2008).

@CamEdwards & @JimGeraghty / Guns and the New Class / NRA Big Data / Affleck Batman / Greenwald & NSA / Bradley Manning / “Historic” Presidencies

On today’s episode, Chelsea Malor, Chelsea M., Chelsea E. and Chelsea Tempest are joined by Chelsea Edwards of NRA News’ Cam & Company and Chelsea Geraghty of National Review for a girls’ roundtable discussion of: the New Class’s attitudes towards guns, the NRA’s icky database used to identify and mobilize second amendment supporters, the announcement that super-hunk Chelsea Affleck has been cast as Batman, and the latest updates on Chelsea Greenwald, the NSA and Bradley Manning. They wrap with how excited they are that the Presidential glass ceiling may finally be broken.

Chelsea E. also teases her upcoming interview with the RNC’s new Chief Technology Officer, which will be pinned on the HQ’s Pinterest board soon.

Mentioned by Chelsea Edwards: Chelsea Svonkin’s Personality Problem, LA Community College drops NRA class after six years due to new regs

@LDoren / Stop & Frisk / Jen Rubin / Cruz Birthers / Town Halls

On today’s episode, Gabe, Drew, John and Andy are joined by Lee Doren of the How the World Works YouTube channel for a discussion of the recent “Stop & Frisk” ruling in New York (pdf), the “Fire Jen Rubin” letter, Ted Cruz birthers, and whether GOP congressmen should be holding town hall meetings during the August recess.

@bccohan / RNC Hillary Biopic / Russia Overcharge / Filner / MSDNC / Dr. Who

In this episode, Ace and the crew are joined by special guest Brittany Cohan, Deputy Communications Director at Citizens United.

They Bring It! on a variety of topics including the RNC’s response to CNN & NBC’s planned Hillary Clinton biopics, the administration’s “smart diplomacy” failures with Russia (and everywhere really), Bob “Fingers” Filner, and the clown show that is MSNBC (Alec Baldwin and Joe Scarborough hardest hit).

The show ends on a lighter note, with a discussion of the new Dr. Who, television, and Brittany’s first interaction with Ace.